We provide Tech Consulting and Business Intelligence to many local companies with a variety of needs and specifications. Here's a list of our commonly requested services.

Hosting and Mail Server Management

Every company needs to have a website up and online to present their service to clients and customers, but doing so opens the doors inefficient practices and hackers.

We manage our own hosted servers with SSL certificates included and run the server statically so we can offer a 100% hackproof gaurentee or your money back. We also can provide domain email addresses, hosted or forwarded with Gmail or Outlook Live and ensure proper spam and phishing protection

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Enterprise Phone Systems(EPS)

Most small businesses are running off their personal phone lines, which means their personal and professional lives are intertwined.

We can get a company phone line and have an automated teller screen calls and forward incoming calls to phonelines with SMS notifications to let you know it's a company call. You can also send out SMS from the company to previous customers for a marketing campaign.

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Custom Web and Mobile App Development

Have an idea for a phone app or a web application that you want to create? Perhaps something to improve your business or start a completely new one?

Our talented team of App developers know all the technologies, platforms, tools, languages, etc. to build high functioning apps that scale really well. This is on a consultation basis and a consultation fee will be assessed after a free 2 hour consultation for new customers.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

Do you have trouble keeping up with business? Do you track all leads? How is your HR managing payroll? Did you know there is a lot of software available to help you? This is where we excel.

Business flow is vital to servicing customers and ensuring high productivity and we can help get you setup with tools that can take your business to the next level. ERM, CRM, Inventory Management, Financial Management, Social marketing, we know it all. Let us evalute your process and see how we can give you a much more efficient technical solution that can ease your stress. Consultation fee with a free 2 hours applies.

SEO and Social Marketing

Instagram and Twitter are a vital arm for new businesses to advertise yet a lot of people aren't taken advantage of it. If your website isn't the top on search engines, let us get it there.

We have a group of well qualified influencers that can cause your social media following to be an overnight success. If your process is ready to scale, your customers will be flowing in.

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Network and Database Security

If you feel like your computers are running sluggish or have computer problems or your suspect viruses, we can help.

We can clean up the computers so they'll run as fast as they can and look for bottlenecks in your IT pipeline. We'll also install some of the best Endpoint Security to ensure you won't risk your business to viruses or other malicious applications. Consultation basis and 1 hour free window applies.

IT Training and Certifications

We have a lot of experts with a lot of industry experience and want to share the knowledge. If you're a college aged student and want to learn some skills to pay bills, sign up now.

We're located just 5 minutes from George Mason University and have all the tool and tips to ace certification exams. If you don't pass the cert exams, we'll let you sit in on the next session free of charge.

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